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September Potluck Held on September 2nd

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The second Chez Didier office pot luck repeated the success from the first.  On this occasion, Cathy T. followed through on her commitment to fix her family's tasty Cajun Gumbo recipe.  Being two for two, the potluck series is now under immense pressure to continue its budding track record for a delicious and fun meal.

The full menu included the following:

Given the mix of participants at the potluck, the gumbo recipe was slightly modified.  Namely, shellfish was excluded due to possible allergies, and it was less spicy than typically made.  Some people were surprised the family gumbo recipe did not include okra, a familiar ingredient to many gumbo recipes.  Still, it was fantastic and the two slow cooker's worth of gumbo were enthusiastically emptied.

The gumbo and cornbread were prepared ahead of time.  Rice cookers enabled fresh rice to be cooked that morning at the office, ready at lunch time.  The cobbler, meanwhile, was combined in the slow cooker at home that morning, then went through its magical transformation at the office.  It was ready precisely on time for dessert.

The ice cream posed a challenge to keep from melting during the two hour lunch window.  The solution was to fill a very large salad bowl with ice, in which was inserted the gallon tub of ice cream.  With the tub surrounded by ice, it kept the ice cream solid throughout the meal.

One thing is for sure, word is out that these monthly potlucks should not be missed!


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