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First Potluck on August 5th a Delicious Success!

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The first Chez Didier office pot luck was held on August 5, 2009 in Irving, Texas.  In the two weeks preceding the event, several hints were strategically leaked out that something special was coming soon.  And the prior Monday, a formal email invite was received by our department members.

With most people confirming their attendance, the cooks had what they needed to plan and prepare the dishes that Tuesday evening.  Given the hot summers in Texas, and the uncertainty of how to orchestrate this first meal, the cooks planned a menu that could be served cold.  The inaugural, multi-course menu consisted of the following:

Mid-morning on Wednesday, the cooks brought in the food and prepared the small conference room.  At 11:30am sharp, hungry people began peeking in to see what was in store.  Ultimately, around 20 people attended, and all were surprised at the great tastes and interesting menu selection.

Several people remarked what a fun idea this was.  And one attendee, describing her enjoyment of cooking, volunteered her gumbo for the next Chez Didier pot luck.

It would be several weeks yet before the office realized this would indeed be a recurring event.  However, the stage was set, and the expectation just planted, that these would be something for people (and their palates!) to look forward to.


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